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July 21- 28, 2008: IBM / SAM Combined Convention

·        Louisville, Kentucky

·        Galt Hotel, Toll Free: 800-843-4258, use Booking Code: 422497

·        Registration Form: <RegistrationForm.pdf (1 MB)>



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August 2007


Thursday August 2nd - Monday August 6th: Ottawa's International BuskerFest


Friday August 17th, Saturday August 18th: The Capital Magic Festival


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July 2007



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June 2007


June 14, 15, 16, 2007: CAMaraderie 2007, Canada’s National Convention

·                    Booked So Far...

o       Steve Beam

o       Aldo Colombini

o       Tony Chapek

o       James Dimmare

o       David Ginn

o       Hiawatha

o       Ardan James

o       Lon Mandrake

o       Oscar Munoz

o       David Merry

o       Bill Spooner

o       Juan Tamariz

o       Boris Wild

o       Gala Stage Show MC'd by: ALDO COLOMBINI

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May 2007


Thursday May 3, 2007: Jay Sankey Lecture, (sponsored by House of Magic)


Sunday May 6, 2007: Jay Sankey Lecture, (sponsored by Magie Spectram)


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April 2007


April 4, 2007 (Wednesday): Hypnosis

Can hypnosis unlock hidden powers within us? Can it allow us access to buried memories? Or does the phenomenon even exist at all? This documentary investigates the many unanswered questions about hypnosis, and reveals what the latest research on the subject tells us about the human potential.

·        Vision TV (Rogers Channel 61) 9:00 pm


·        Repeats Saturdays and Mondays 10:00 pm


April 11, 2007 (Wednesday): The 50th Anniversary Party for the Ottawa Society of Magicians.


April 18, 2007 (Wednesday): Open house featuring clown and magic supplies and two face painting lectures.

April 20, 2007 (Friday): Pat Page Lecture: Sponsored by the Ottawa Magic Club.


April 25, 2007 (Wednesday): Conjuring Philip

This documentary looks at the scientific explanations for paranormal experiences, demonstrating the power of the non-conscious mind to influence perceptions and revealing how easily memory can be manipulated. Ever wondered why some people claim to hear satanic messages in rock songs? Conjuring Philip will make you listen to your old records in a new way.

·        Vision TV (Rogers Channel 61) 9:00 pm


·        Repeats Saturdays and Mondays 10:00 pm


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March 2007


March 4, 2007: “Your Screen Test” summary of Eric Leclerc’s quest towards stardom – The magician with the stick-like-glue following visited downtown’s youth hostel in search of ghosts. He then ventured to the streets, where he surprised passersby with a raccoon puppet that he magically brought to life to the delight and surprise of the unsuspecting public.



March 11, 2007 (Sunday): Eric Leclerc, Mr. Magic, finally pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat: he came up with a show idea! He calls it Reaction, a program that pits morals against money by bribing Ottawa’s citizens to engage in outage stunts. He also unveiled a segment in which he plays the Good Samaritan, putting coins in people’s parking meters and committing other acts of kindness. While there’s no evidence that Eric bribed the judges, they absolutely loved his act.


March 14, 2007 (Wednesday): Max Maven – A Fabulous Monster

One of the world's most astonishing mentalists, Max Maven lives in a world of mystery and ambiguity.

His seeming ability to read minds cannot be fully explained, even by other magicians. Max's vast array of interests, from Harpo Marx to kabuki theatre, provides the foundation for a persona and performance style that is uniquely his own.

·        Vision TV (Rogers Channel 61) 9:00 pm


·        Repeats Saturdays and Mondays 10:00 pm


March 18, 2007 (Sunday): Eric Leclerc – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; the judges so liked Eric’s bits last week – his Random Acts of Kindness and his Crazy Stunts for Cash – that he went ahead and made more, cleaning messy acquaintances’ rooms and “ponying up” for licking Rideau Street utility poles. Predictably, this personable magician finished off with a series of card tricks – but could this combination Good Samaritan-Tom Green-David Copperfield pull off the ultimate trick: trumping the judges’ new sweetheart, Anne Marie. The answer: a Bronson-Centre shaking yes! So impressed were the judges by Eric’s pokey sense of humor and facility with the man on the street, they were ready to slip into those pairs of pink, pro-Eric panties that were proliferating the place.


March 21, 2007 (Wednesday): Tarot: Is your future in the cards?

To this day, Tarot cards remain a popular means of fortune telling. This documentary explores the mysterious past and hidden meaning of the Tarot deck. Is it no more than a harmless diversion? Or is the Tarot a doorway into a forgotten world of myth?

·        Vision TV (Rogers Channel 61) 9:00 pm


·        Repeats Saturdays and Mondays 10:00 pm


March 25, 2007 (Sunday): The final episode of Your Screen Test.

This was it. The final show! The biggest crowd to date was assembled at the Bronson Centre, ready to root for the tenacious and talented trio who had survived it all. By the end of the half hour, one of the three - Eric, Matt or Ann Marie - would be going home with their own TV series! But whom?


For the record, judge Ann Marie McQueen expressed that she felt Eric should be the winner, while Rachel Perrault and Derek Fage both went for Matt.


In the end Matt Demers, edged out Eric by a slim margin.


Final Tally:

Matt:         22353 - 42.5%

Eric:          19139 - 36.4%

Ann Marie: 11125 - 21.1%


Total votes: 52,617


Thanks to Eric Leclerc for all the excitement. I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of Eric in the months to come!


March 27, 2007 (Tuesday): Magic Spectram inc. Presents a Lecture with Martin Nash

·        Magie Spectram, 1592 east Jean-Talon St., Montreal

·        For More Information:

o       <MartinNashLecture.pdf (25 KB)>

o       Contact: Magie Spectram

o       (514) 376-2312

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February 2007


February 1 – 27th, 2007: Mardi Gras Madness Month at Big Daddy’s Crab Shack and Oyster Bar

·        Every Tuesday: Magicians, Jugglers and Tarot Card Readers

·        780 Baseline Road, Ottawa, Ontario, (613) 228-7011

·        339 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario, (613) 569-5200



February 4, 2007: Eric Leclerc enters Ottawa’s Rogers Cable Channel 22 TV show contest “Your Screen Test”.



February 4, 2007: Magie Spetram présente une autre Journée Magique!

·        La Salle de reception du réputé Restaurant et taverne Magnan.

o       2602 St-Patrick à Montreal (metro Charlevoix).

·        Des conferences avec:

o       Richard Turner

o       Michel Asselin

o       Michel Huot

o       Alain Choquette

·        For more information:

o        <JourneeMagie.pdf (1MB)>

o       Contact Magie Spectram

o       (514) 376-2312


February 11, 2007: Eric Leclerc makes the Top Ten on Ottawa’s Rogers Cable Channel 22 TV show contest “Your Screen Test”. Eric is the Top Online Vote Getter.



February 14, 2007: Roy Cottee is featured on CJOH TV’s Regional Contact 6:30 pm

·        A Magical Painter
Roy Cottee is a life-long painter and magician



February 17, 2007: Ottawa’s Rogers Cable Channel 22 TV show contest “Your Screen Test”, is featured on the front page of the Saturday Ottawa Citizen Television section. Our own photogenic Eric Leclerc is the first of eight contestants whose pictures appear on the first page (K1). The article goes on to describe Eric as “…a polished and affable magician.” here here.


February 18, 2007: After another round of eliminations Eric Leclerc remains in the Top Seven on Ottawa’s Rogers Cable Channel 22 TV show contest “Your Screen Test”.


February 25, 2007: Eric Leclerc survives another round of cuts, remaining in the Top Five on Ottawa’s Rogers Cable Channel 22 TV show contest “Your Screen Test”. In this round Eric appeared on stage to an enthusiastic crowd of 150 at The Bronson Centre, where he interviewed a homegrown internet marketing guru. “Funny”, “Energetic”, and “Different” were just some of the adjectives thrown Eric’s way.


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January 2007


January 10, 2007: Allan Ackerman Lecture


January 24, 2007: A Magical Life: Jeff McBride

·        Enigma: Mysteries, wrapped in an Enigma is a new Vision TV documentary series which investigates “the spiritual unexplained”. See:,

·        Wednesdays 9 pm and 1 am.

·        Repeats: Saturdays 10 pm / Mondays, 10 pm and 1am, on Canada’s Vision TV ((Ottawa) Rogers channel 61)

·        January 24th: World renowned magician, Jeff McBride and his partner Abbi are at the centre of the Las Vegas ‘neo-pagan’ community. Magic and ‘Magick’ are at the core of their spiritual practice.

Jeff McBride started as an adolescent magician performing at the Orange County Fair and by his twenties was opening for rock bands like Cheap Trick and headlining in Las Vegas. But at the height of his success, this angry young illusionist was overcome by the urge to explore new territory. So began his search for the source of real magic: a journey to the mythological roots of this art form that would lead deep into the worlds of neo-paganism, drum circles and fire rituals. He would return a changed man. In this documentary, McBride tells of what he learned on his quest, and reveals how even the simplest magician's trick can hold layer upon layer of meaning. “Magic is about transformation,” he says. “It reminds us that everything changes – including ourselves.”


January 27-28, 2007:  The 'Niagara Comedy Magic Seminar

·        Seminar for magicians who want to learn about comedy and add humor to their performances.

·        John Ferrentino, Bob Sheets, David Merry and more.

·         Registration extended to January 12, 2007.

·        Niagara Falls, Canada


January 31, 2007: Enigma Spiritualism: The Fox Sisters Spiritualism.


·        Enigma: Mysteries, wrapped in an Enigma is a new Vision TV documentary series which investigates “the spiritual unexplained”. See:,

·        Wednesdays 9 pm and 1 am

·        Repeats Saturdays 10 pm / Mondays, 10 pm and 1 am, on Canada’s Vision TV ((Ottawa) Rogers channel 61)

·        January 31st: One dark night in March 1848, at a farmhouse in upstate New York, two young girls revealed the ability to communicate with the dead. In the years that followed, Kate and Maggie Fox become national celebrities, and inspired the creation of a new faith. A hybrid of religion, science and philosophy, the Spiritualist movement was founded upon the belief that our spirits live on after death, and that the dead can speak with us through mediums. The movement would eventually attract as many as one in 10 Americans. But the fame of the Fox sisters would not last. In their later years, both plunged into alcoholism and destitution – and in 1888, Maggie publicly admitted to perpetrating a fraud. Still, to this day thousands of Spiritualists continue to believe in the possibility of bridging the worlds of the living and the dead.

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December 2006


December 9 - 10, 2006:  Murray Hatfield’s - Magic n' Miracles Tour

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November 2006

November 1, 2006: Darwin Ortiz Lecture


November 11, 2006: Ted Outerbridge


November 14, 2006: Alain Choquette


November 18, 2006: Chris Pilsworth

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October 2006

October 11, 2006: Shoot Ogawa Lecture


October 20, 2006: Movie The Prestige opens in theatres


October 25, 2006: Marc Salem’s Mind Games


October 29, 2006: Darwin Ortiz Workshop


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