General Information for Visitors and Prospective Members

The objectives of the Ring are to foster the fellowship of those interested in the practice and promotion of the Art of Magic, and to increase the skill and knowledge of each member. Everyone is expected to perform at every meeting, as well as to form part of an appreciative and receptive audience.

1)     Those seeking membership must be at least 18 years of age and sponsored by a current member in good standing.


2)     After having attended their first meeting, the Ring will vote on whether the prospective member should be invited again.


3)     After having attended three meetings, the President may ask the individual whether he/she wishes to be considered as a candidate for Associate Membership in the Ring.  A vote is held by the Ring's Full Members, and the decision is relayed to the individual.  In the affirmative, Associate Membership is offered for a period of up to one year, with most of the rights and privileges of Full Membership, with the exception of voting rights. In addition, Associate Members do not have full borrowing privileges from the Ring library.  Upon acceptance of Associate Membership, the individual will be required to pay regular membership dues.


4)     Before the end of Associate Membership, the individual will be scheduled to perform either:

a)     a magic show of at least 15 minutes in duration, featuring a minimum of six different effects; or


b)     a lecture of at least thirty minutes in duration on some aspect(s) of magic.


5)     The decision as to whether or not full membership is offered is based on a full discussion and vote by the members in good standing.


6)     In the event that the individual fails to meet the requirements of Full Membership, the members will decide whether they wish to extend or terminate the Associate Membership.  The individual will then be informed of the decision.


7)     Before acceptance to Full Membership status, the individual must have applied for membership in the International Brotherhood of Magicians.


Please contact one of the executive members to
pre-arrange your visit to the club

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