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Our Year in Review:

Ring 151 of Ottawa continued its tradition of being an active and enjoyable club to be a part of.   Although we are a small club, attendance at lectures is solid,  member support for charity shows is always positive, and our club gatherings provide plenty of fun for the members.


Our first meeting (September) of the year began with a tribute to Jack Marshall, a devoted member of Ring 151 who died on July 24, 2009 at the age of eighty.  He opened his basement to host club meetings and was part of the club’s executive for several years.  Jack will be

remembered for his commitment to magic and the kindness that he shared with others.


Alain Choquette presented his “A tribute to Gary Ouelett” lecture to us in October.  Alain’s magic resume includes TV appearances (World’s Greatest Magicians, Champions of Magic), headlining in Las Vegas and much more. We knew it would be a solid lecture and it was.  He taught a variety of card effects suitable for both close-up and stage, and explained the workings of his Gypsy Thread- stage version.  Alain’s lecture was more than just tricks.  He also shared a experiences  (business of magic, performing tips) that allowed members to become better at what they do. 


Thomas Baxter, from Toronto, lectured about “Creating Legendary Magic”.   He challenged a variety of abilities and targeted different interests with his creative repertoire of close-up and stand-up material.  Members were particularly astonished and intrigued by his work on the “Think of a Card” concept.  Members flocked to his table to purchase an assortment of lecture notes and effects.

Asi Wind lecturered for Ring 151 in June.  He impressed the members with his incredible talent and brilliant thinking.  “Time is Money” was a great effect to “watch”. His book test added extra effects to make the routine even more magical.  His work with “Any Card, Any Number” was dynamite!  This was super lecture full of great magic and performing tips.  


The club presented three charity shows this year.  In February, we performed for the guests at Waupoos Farm, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing holiday experiences for families in need.  Our annual show at the Rehab Hospital happened in March and our final charity show of the year was in April at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.  The memories that were created, the laughter that was heard, and the smiles that filled the room are reminders of the importance of reaching out to help others.   A special thank you to the members who volunteered their time to make a difference in another’s life:  Real Boucher, Bob Conrad, Henry Doucette, Roy Cottee, Rob Lavergne, Brian McAdam, David Oxley, John Pert, Mike Vuckovic


Our year comes to an end in June and to celebrate our successes, we gathered at Rob Lavergne’s for a pot-luck.  Rob Lavergne, Doug Rafters and Benoit Lalande -Patoine each presented their initiation shows earlier in the year and were inducted into the club as full members during our year end party.  Our annual magic trivia was won by Doug Rafters and the “Member of the Year” was presented to John Pert for his outstanding contribution to magic and the club.  


And finally, thank you to the club's executive who have spent several hours ensuring that club events are well organized.  Kudos to:  Glenn Brown, Chris Pilsworth, and John Pert.


Written by John Pert


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Broken Wand 2009:


John “Jack” David Marshall


John “Jack” David  Marshall died on July 24, 2009 at the age of eighty.   He held IBM number 34681 and received the “Order of Merlin” in 2004.  Jack was also a member of the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM).


Originally from Winnipeg Canada, Jack’s career as an auditor for the Department of National Defence brought him to the Nation’s capital (Ottawa) in 1975.



Jack’s interest in magic and entertaining began in 1974 when he joined the Khartum Temple Shrine Klowns  (Winnipeg).  He was a  founding member of the Tunis Shrine Klown Unit (Ottawa) and lead the unit as President and Circus Director.  He was awarded a “life-time membership” for his dedication to the Klown Unit.  Jack was also a devoted member of the Ottawa Society of Magicians- Ring 151.  He was part of the club’s executive for many years,  serving in each of the positions. In addition to that, he also opened his basement to host club  meetings for more than twenty years. His commitment to magic and the club earned him the “Ring 151 Magician of the Year” award three times.  Jack’s willingness to help others went beyond magic and clowning.  He received the Chevalier honour from the Delmolay Association and was a devoted  member of the Masonic Fraternity, earning his fifty year pin.


Dedicated, loyal, helpful, kind, cheerful, considerate, and caring are some of the words that describe Jack. He will be missed dearly.


Jack is survived by Doreen, his wife of fifty-five years and their three children, Carol, Dave, and Laurie.  He was also the proud grandfather of five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.



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