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The Ottawa Society of Magicians originated in 1950 with no more than a handful of members.  Roy Cottee and a few others got together regularly to discuss magic and perform for each other.  It wasn't until January 5th, 1957, that the Ottawa Society of Magicians became Ring 151 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.  The original members are:



Bernard Abrams


Frank Vickers


John T. Duprat


Roy D. Cottee


Joseph A. Legari


John Wm. Labelle


Edouard J. Savary


Donat Mercier


Paul Beland


Gordon J. Cunningham


Gerald W. Fulton


Maurice J. Labelle


Edward G. Mahoney


Phileas Potvin



Several of our members have been featured in the Linking Ring magazine, to see their articles click on the following links:

Roy D. Cottee     August 1958, Vol. 38 No.6

Joe Legari           August 1966, Vol. 46 No. 8

Obie O’Brien        July 1993, Vol. 73 No. 7

Denis St-Jean      March 1997, Vol. 77 No. 3

Steve Duperré     January 2005, Vol. 85 No. 1



Other publications featuring articles by our members (click on the following links):

The Fish that Got Away Northern Peaks Magazine January/February 2007 Issue



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